When Worlds Collide

News, Students' Voice May 24, 2012
When Worlds Collide

Nadine Naguib is a student in Literature at Oxford University. She shared with Real World her views on the recruitment via the social media.


Employers and Facebook do not mix. Under any circumstances.

Sure, they might want to get to know the ‘real’ you – but why? The ‘me’ they’ll see is the one who greets them at interviews, pristinely dressed in a pressed suit and shiny shoes. The ‘me’ on Facebook with smeared makeup and a drunken squint will never, ever be the ‘me’ at work. So why do they need to know about it?

Everyone needs their own space to relax, let their hair down, act a little crazy. Everyone knows that space cannot be at work. But with employers on Facebook, are we just never supposed to act normal? Must we censor the pictures we take and the friends we make and the pages we like, so that potential future employers will think of us as good all-round candidates? No, no, no.

The worlds of work and Facebook were made separately: let’s keep them that way.

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