Follow that! Tweeting Your Way into a Career Part 2

 As you go deeper into your quest to brand yourself as an ideal candidate on Twitter and start enjoying yourself, another key question arises: How about my tweets? You probably wonder how often should you tweet to make yourself really visible or what should be the exact content of your tweets to make you look more attractive in the eyes of potential recruiters scanning your profile. Real World did some research for you and here are our top tips to help you improve the quality of your tweets and reach a realistically possible frequency of tweets per day so that you can shine at your best as an ideal candidate.

#When to tweet?

It is key to know when to send out your tweets to your target audience.  If you send out a tweet and there is no one there to see it, well, your tweet will simply be wasted. But if you think up a strategy so that your tweets go out when your followers are actually online, you can be effective with your engagement and sharing. There are many infographics and studies, as well as paid tools on the Internet claiming to determine which time would be the best for your tweets to go out. It all comes down to geography and target audience. So keeping in mind the timeline of the country where you aim to build up your career and that your target audience would most probably be HR professionals and recruiters from top companies, simply aim for their lunch hours (12 - 2 pm in most countries) and the after work hours (usually between 5 – 7 pm).

Bonus tip: Tools such as TweetDeck, which are free to download are particularly efficient for scheduling your tweets throughout the day in order to reach your desired audience.

#Tweet… what?

We talked about the timing and the frequency of your tweets, but the success of your efforts to brand yourself as an ideal candidate via Twitter finally comes down to what you tweet!  The quality of your tweets is of utmost importance, so naturally mind the language you use and look out for spelling mistakes. In terms of the content, since most likely your goal is to showcase your Twitter account as an attractive perk  to your professional CV and cover letter, it would be a good idea to tweet mainly about those things that represent you and you find interest in. Your Twitter profile doesn’t have to look like a newspaper branding the latest news in your field of work, employers will be actually quite happy to get a glimpse of your personality and hobbies in it!  So, if you listed as interests in your resume sports, traveling, photography, just tweet now and then about those things too, upload some nice photos and make sure your ideas and opinions perspire through the lines.

The RW Poll: What would you say about including the link to your Twitter account on your CV/cover letter? Too daring or irrelevant? A sure way to capitalize on your Twitter candidate branding efforts?


Klara Losonczy  @ Real World Magazine