Follow That! Tweeting Your Way into a Career Part 1

As you go deeper into your quest to brand yourself as an ideal candidate on Twitter and start enjoying yourself, another key question arises: How often should I tweet to make myself really visible in the eyes of potential recruiters scanning my profile? Real World did some research for you and here are our top tips to help you maintain a reasonably feasible number of tweets per day so that you can shine at your best as an ideal candidate.

#How much is too less?

There has been a decent number of research concerning the ideal number of tweets one should tweet per day in order to really increase their visibility to their followers.  The numbers can be real scary! Some serious Tweeters go to the length of having 4 scheduled tweets per hour on a 24 h basis. For those among you who cannot afford to spend all their time online, it is quite all right to tweet as often as you can and want. You should definitely send out at least one tweet a day. This will make you look committed and active. Ideally you should aim at between 5 to 10 tweets per day if you are more ambitious in the game. If you include RTs and mentions, this number is really not that difficult to reach.

Bonus tip: Beware that Twitter has a habit of shutting down accounts that are relatively new and suddenly have lots of activity – and that could be you following lots of people or sending masses of tweets out. So take it gradually.

#Scheduled or live?

Another popular debate centers around whether it is better to keep tweeting live and make your tweets constantly relevant and “hot” or to give in to the appeal of using scheduling tools such as TweetDeck. We recommend a decent blend of both: tweeting live as soon as you see someone mentioned or re-tweeted you is definitely more efficient, but since you probably are busy with your studies and other things, scheduling can be a real time saver!

Good luck.

Klara Losonczy


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