Follow that! Tweet with a Twist

Advice May 24, 2012
Follow that! Tweet with a Twist

Everyone desires to increase the number of their followers and actively engage with them, to make the most out of your Twitter experience both quantitatively and qualitatively. In this article we will focus on some general best practices that can really boost your Twitter experience and consequently make you stand out as a candidate as well.

@Share links with your opinion attached:

One surefire way to blend in with the crowd is to share links that everyone else is sharing on Twitter. But rather than simply copy+pasting the article or website title and shortened URL into a tweet, you should always try to add your opinion, or an excerpt of the most interesting bit of the article. Think about your followers, and what they would find interesting, and then share that.

#Ask questions:

Twitter can be a great place to crowdsource, and you can use this strategy to make sure your followers know who you are. Think of interesting questions about your niche or area of interest, ones that you have often asked yourself. And then ask your followers

@Be controversial:

Don’t be afraid of your controversial opinions. Air them out on Twitter. Controversial statements should be used sparingly, but if you have a unique take on a news story that you want to share, do it on Twitter. Just make sure that it’s consistent with your brand, and that you’re not going over the line.

#Be yourself:

And lastly, the absolute best way to stand out on Twitter is to be yourself. You are you, and there’s only one of you – the tweets you craft will be unique if you let your personality shine through.

Too many Twitter accounts are bot-like – they share links and retweet interesting stuff, but they lack a voice. If you sprinkle your tweets with your own personal slang, opinions, thoughts and quirks, your account will become an extension of you, and your followers will trust you as a real person.

Good luck!

Klara Losonczy @Real World Magazine

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