Follow that! To follow or not to follow?

Advice May 24, 2012
Follow that! To follow or not to follow?

Despite some controversy regarding the real numbers, it appears that there are now more than 500 million Twitter registered accounts, so no wonder if you feel confused and frustrated when it comes to disseminating which accounts are the best to follow.  Some may argue it is simple, just adopt the “follow-them-all” approach! But you might want to think about that twice if you are not using an account exclusively dedicated to your candidate branding activities. Plus, you may look too needy if your profile reads “1,532 Following” and only “14 Followers”.

That being said, actively following more and more accounts does correlate directly to the increase in the numbers of your own followers. So, do follow but sharpen your sense of balance and dissemination. Here are some answers to help you tackle these apparent dilemmas and make the most of your candidate branding quest via Twitter:

@Which account? Most multinationals have several accounts for specific countries, departments or services.   If you are interested in a company and you would like to keep yourself posted on their career opportunities, follow their career specific account rather than the corporate one.  A lot of companies’ career accounts usually have “@OOO_careers” or “@OOO_jobs” style account names.

Hint: Look for your country/region specific accounts too, just in case!

@Where to find the official one? Searching for the relevant official career account of a company is also cumbersome because , as with any free, public platforms, there may be many alternative fake accounts out there. The surest way to discover if your dream company has an official career account on Twitter and connect to it is to look for it on their career website.

@Need I follow them? One of the great benefits of Twitter is that you don’t need to follow someone to see their tweets. Unlike for Facebook, you have access to everyone’s profile even if you don’t even have a Twitter account. On the other hand, as you know, unless you follow an account, you will not get feeds from them on your timeline. This means you risk missing out on many of their opportunities and also decrease your chances of actively engaging with them.

Hint: To actively promote your candidate brand on Twitter IS to engage with potential employers!

Klara Losonczy

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