Follow that! Work your Network Part 1

Advice, News June 8, 2012
Follow that! Work your Network Part 1

Work your Network

The main reason why Twitter is in my view the best social media platform to brand oneself as a desirable candidate is its networking power. Facebook is quite a private realm, LinkedIn –highly professional, like an online resume. Twitter always impressed me as the perfect balance between the two. You can brand yourself as an individual and show-case glimpses and bits of yourself in a sharp, witty manner. But you can also connect and interact in so many different ways with people who have just heard about, even people you may never meet in real life, but with whom you can exchange meaningful ideas and opinions or who could even eventually help you with your job search.

The power of Twitter is the power of networking and it’s high time you got out there and capitalised on it! Once you start following the right people or accounts on twitter, it’s time to get into all the exciting action going around on Twitter by mentioning other users, re-tweeting interesting tweets and why not, engaging in weekly chats.

@ Connect!

If you wish to make your job hunting campaign public, it is a good idea to let everyone know you’re in job search mode. And you can do that without necessarily including this information in your Twitter bio, which may look a bit needy. Besides strategically inserting job related keywords and hashtags in your tweets, as we discussed in the Follow That! Discover Hashtags note, why not tweet out phrases like “I’d love to work there” or “Anyone know if that company is hiring?”

Our Hint: And if we are talking about your dream company: do not feel afraid to connect the Career Account of the Company to your tweet! That will definitely catch their eye and who knows even prompt a dialogue.

RT Re-Tweet!

Do you feel uncomfortable about reaching out to others on Twitter?  Re-tweeting is a great way to start networking but you usually need to do a bit more to get a response and start a dialogue.  For example, add some personal comments to the re-tweet.  Observation is the mother of all knowledge or so they say. So just do that: Look out for the ways in which how others engage with people and learn from them. However, sometimes it takes a little more than just hitting the re-tweet button. To get a conversation going, add some personal comments to the Tweet.

Extra Tip: If you get re-tweeted, make sure to thank those who did it. Manners go a long way in the Twitterverse!


Go out there and connect!

Klara Losonczy  @ Real World Magazine


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