Digital Age: Online Special 2012

2011/2012, Digital Age, Magazines, Top Stories March 14, 2012
Digital Age: Online Special 2012

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From the editor

The internet has changed everything about finding your ideal career. And it’s a change that looks like it’s putting graduates in the driving seat.

Employers are flocking to social networks and mobile devices to try to engage with the hottest graduates but they’re still playing catch-up. The typical graduate age group is the biggest user of Facebook, yet only 42% of companies in Europe have a careers page on their site. But are we using this social media know-how as best we can? We challenged one graduate to network their way to a new career to find out (p.21).

Even without social networking, employers are now putting more information online, meaning your job-search can be more accurate and more informed (find out how on p.10). But when you’re finding out all about employers, how do you know who’s trying to find out about you?

Not everyone is agreed on whether the rise of the internet is a good thing. We asked real students and graduates what they think about everything from protecting their privacy (p.18) to their favourite online tools (p.14) and we caught up with the world’s longest-running job board to discuss the past and future of digital job-hunting (p.6). Because who knows where we’ll be in 10 years’ time?

One thing’s for sure. Some recruiters are already using technology in innovative and exciting ways to get their message across to graduates. Thanks to exclusive, world-leading research from Real World’s publishers Potentialpark, throughout this edition, we’ve been able to bring you the rankings of who’s best at what, not only in the UK, but also in Europe in our special supplement.

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