Case Study: Allianz

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Case Study: Allianz

“Allianz is committed to working globally”

Financial services provider Allianz is committed to working globally and fostering international careers. Through its global careers website, Allianz invites anyone to apply for posted jobs, independent of where they are located. eRecruiting and Social Media Manager Carlos Felipe Gonzalez is a perfect example of capturing the international opportunity. During his years at Allianz, the Colombian has travelled to dozens of countries, worked with all possible nationalities, and relocated from Bogota to Munich.

Q: You joined Allianz as a recruiter in your home country in 2003. And now you are eRecruiting and Social Media Manager based in Munich. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey at Allianz?

A: After two years at Allianz Colseguros in Colombia, I applied for a job at Allianz global headquarters in Munich and was thrilled when they accepted me. I was part of a team that worked with the roll-out of a new eRecruiting initiative. At the time, it meant a great deal of travel. Since 2010, I’ve been heading up eRecruiting globally for Allianz Group.

Q: These days you live in Munich and travel less. Do you miss it?

A: No, not really. Munich is a lovely city. Having an international job isn’t just about travel. I have the whole world right here in the office. Right now, my department – Group HR – has nearly 30 nationalities working at headquarters. The mix creates a very dynamic atmosphere, and I believe we do better when teams are diverse.

Q: Can you tell us more about eRecruiting at Allianz?

A: Back in 2008 we wanted to create a global job market for the Allianz Group, independent of where our applicants are actually located. Now, anyone can apply to any job from anywhere. This goes for both external and internal recruiting. We especially encourage internal recruiting; if there is someone within Allianz who can bring their expertise to a job at another location, we want to make that possible.

Q: It sounds like there are great opportunities to work globally at Allianz. But how do you get a foot in the door as a student?

A: My advice is to apply for our trainee or internship programmes. The entry points vary a bit from country to country. Here in Germany, we also have graduate programmes worth looking into. The best way to begin an international career is to start locally, and then apply for a job in another country. It worked for me and I see similar cases every day.

Q: How do you communicate with young talent?

A: Last year we created a global career page on Facebook for students. We already have more than 2,200 followers, which is truly inspiring. We also have profiles on Linkedin, Xing and Twitter. It’s important to be present on social networks, and be available to students who want to know more about Allianz.

Q: What is your advice to students who want to connect with employers online?

A: Follow companies you find interesting. Get to know the culture and how they work. And be curious. Your questions to us show your engagement and interest.

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Number of employees: Almost 142,000 worldwide
Head office:
Munich, Germany
Career website:

Carlos Felipe Gonzalez, eRecruiting & Social Media Manager

Studied: Psychology
At: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, graduated 2001
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Favourite app: Weatherapps, Facebook, Skype, Taxi apps, cameraplus to name a few

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