Best online application process in Europe

Employers’ websites are Europe’s favourite way to apply for jobs, according to the rankings of the best online application systems in Potentialpark’s Online Talent Communication Survey 2012. The research asked more than 31,000 students and graduates which application processes worked best for them.

As a result, the more savvy companies are tailoring their application process to suit graduates – from Nomura Europe with their video tips and advice on how to apply, to J.P. Morgan with their easy-to-use search engine and Events Calendar – and already proving hugely successful at attracting top graduates.

While even the niftiest application process won’t convince everyone to apply, a confusing and time-consuming website is going to be less appealing to busy graduates than a user-friendly process with plenty of help.

The top frustrations with online applications, according to Potentialpark, are the worry that an application may get lost in the vastness of the internet, or that it won’t be read by a real person. The majority of German and French graduates enjoy the option of being able to apply by email.

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